Week 3: Both Hands

When searching for the lyrics to this song I happened upon a discussion on whether or not this song was about giving blow jobs. If you wish, please continue that conversation in the comments. 


Day 1 - Sing your favorite song.

Day 2 - Sing your favorite song from an animated movie. 

Day 3 - Put your iTunes on shuffle and sing the first song that comes up.

Day 4 - Sing your favorite song that’s in the Top Ten purchased songs on iTunes.

Day 5 - Sing a song you used to love.

Day 6 - Sing a song that reminds you of your childhood.

Day 7 - Sing a song and dedicate it to someone.

Day 8 - Sing a song that reminds you of your OTP.

Day 9 - Sing a song that always makes you happy.

Day 10 - Sing whatever you want!

Guys should I just hop on the bandwagon and do this whole singing challenge~ thing?

on the to do list

on the to do list

Inspired by Welcome to Night Vale, WTVC tells you a few highlights of the fun of Vidcon 2013 with a bit of a twist on reality.

Right click to download-Welcome to Vidcon

it’s ironic the last video i made was to Moral of the Story that was all about working hard and that’s when I stopped

The Prison of Indecision (by neafcy)

Who I’ll Be (original) | maylaura900 (by Laura-May Nardella)

(Source: Spotify)

I’m gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego cake

Week 2: I dance!

Last week I said I’d try to give you something more exciting. Hopefully I lived up to that!